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Published: 30th June 2009
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A Suspended eBay account is something that hits your face like a pile of bricks, one moment you are selling happily on ebay, making some good money in the middle, then bam - without warning you are banned, suspended and your account limited. They now wants your driver licenses, utility bills, proof of address, credit cards, phone calls, everything short of them coming to your house and fingerprinting you.

Well don't worry we have come up with a surefire way on how to get back on eBay and try avoiding getting suspended from ebay or getting or ebay or paypal account limited in the future. Here is the nitty gritty eBay Suspensions guide to get you started.

First, lets talk about how ebay tracks your web activities and links your ebay or paypal accounts. The browser you use leaves traces, the IP address you have may or may not change, and eBay can even see your operating system and screen resolution! Aside from all of this they leave tons of cookies all over your machine to much simply to track where you go, what pages you visit and what you buy. Not even that but there are now what are called flash cookies that cannot be removed just by clearing your history - for you want to check out the eBay Stealth guide on how to remove them.

Now lets get something straight - once you get banned, you can't reuse any of your old information on ebay; this includes names, addresses, phone numbers, Visa card numbers, checking account numbers and of your old account on your old account on your computer. The easiest way that ebay catches people after they make a new account is by the cookies stored on your PC - most people don't even know what they do.

1. So with that said, we first need to get Mozilla firefox as it has the required functionality to clear all personal information - not flash cookies though. So head on over to www.mozilla.com/firefox and get yourself Firefox if you don't already have it. Go to Tools -> Options, Select the Privacy tab, then on the bottom in the "Private Data" Section Press 'Settings' and check off every checkbox. Press OK, Now whenever you close firefox it will ask to delete all those things, just hit OK everytime so your private data and browsing history is all cleared - this can leave less things for ebay to trace you by.

2.. Now we need a new name, you can use a family or friends or brothers or sisters name - it doesen't really matter.

For more tips on avoiding getting suspended from ebay make sure to check out Ebay Stealth.

3. Get a new address, as with the prior point you can use a chums or relations address.

4. Get a new phone number - use the friend/relative, or check out the eBay Stealth guide for other alternatives.

5. Now we need a new checking account number and a credit card. You will need to use the deposit account numbers and cards of your friend/relative. The Auction Stealth guide will show you many recommendations about how you to make your own bank accounts and visa cards under any name you want.

6. Now we have a new name, phone number, checking account number and Visa card and can start the journey creating a new eBay account.

7. We now need a new IP address - since your old one has been compromised. The easiest most trouble free way is to use dialup - but for you want a new modem, and the link will be really slow. There are more methods to use your high speed web connection also.

8. Now we clear our personal information in firefox, log in with our new ip and start making the new ebay account.

Remember to never use the same information when creating a new eBay account, this could get you linked. Some people have even been banned because they used the same passwords on a new account. Here are just some of the things covered in eBay Stealth:

* make a new totally anonymous unlinkable account

* sign up without disclosing your (OR your friends/relatives ) true name, address, phone number, Visa card or bank data - yes it shows you ways to legally use info that you can create.

* find the best suppliers and wholesalers and make even more money

* sell without getting suspended

* never get your items removed by eBay again!

* stay below the radar and keep selling whatever you want

* get back on regardless of what the reason of your previous suspension

* fax all required documents to eBay and Paypal from your secret account

* create an account without providing a social security number

* verify eBay and Paypal accounts with newly created information

* learn how to sell without using PayPal!

* avoid eBay's tracking methods

* make a new identity that you can also use everywhere else (amazon, buy.com, craigslist ), not just on eBay.

Learn how you get can quickly start selling again at AuctionStealth.com

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